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Ertyl Technique

If injury is so extensive that amputation is necessary, we use the Ertl technique to give our patients their best chance at staying active and functional.

The Ertl technique is a surgical procedure that prepares the amputated limb to best receive and manage a prosthesis. Prosthetics work best when the patient can wear them comfortably, without pain, and when the remaining muscles are strong enough to control the new limb with ease.

If you have already had an amputation, it is not too late. We can perform an Ertl amputation revision to restore your functionality and reduce or remove the pain associated with using your prosthesis.

The Ertl technique involves placing a bone graft over the end of the bone, in some cases increasing its surface area. The muscles are also surgically manipulated to give the stump strength and padding. Nerves and blood vessels are repositioned to improve comfort and function post-surgery. Lastly, we cover the amputated limb with a smooth layer of skin for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

The Ertl technique is very versatile and can be performed on diabetic patients and children. We have had very high satisfaction rates with our patients who have undergone this procedure and are now able to continue an active, healthy, satisfying lifestyle.

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